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  • Shamser Khalid

Argentines Show Support To the Bangladesh Cricket Team

Support from Bengali fans for the Argentina national football team has been going viral, and Argentines have taken notice. In response to the show of support, Argentines have decided to do something for the Bangladeshi fans in return.

Per a suggestion from Instagram, Dan Lande from Buenes Aires opened a fan group called 'Fans argentinos de la selección de cricket de Bangladesh,' which translates to 'Argentine fans of the Bangladesh cricket team'.

Dan shared the news of the group on Twitter, and it quickly went viral. At one point, famous Argentine author Tefi Russo shared news of the group on her Instagram, and it drew Argentines to the fan group.

So far, the group has seven thousand members and continues to grow, with Argentines and Bangladeshis adding to the numbers in a show of support and appreciation for each other. A video of the admin welcoming Bangladeshi people in Bengali was even added when the amount of Bengali members started to grow. - sponsored ad

Despite lacking knowledge of cricket and the language barrier, Argentines were earnest in bonding with Bangladeshi people through cricket and have been seen talking about Bangladesh's performance and sharing pictures, statistics, and news surrounding Bangladesh cricket.

Bangladeshi members were also happy to help them by sharing tutorials and videos and using Google Translate to answer their questions in Spanish. With the amount of support shared between the various members, the cricket fan group has shown a growing friendliness between the Argentines and Bangladeshi.

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