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  • Shamser Khalid

Apple TV+ Announces A Lionel Messi Documentary

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Apple TV+ recently made an exciting announcement about an upcoming documentary series that will provide exclusive behind-the-scenes access to none other than Lionel Messi, the global superstar widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time. Produced by SMUGGLER Entertainment, the currently untitled four-part series will take viewers on a captivating journey through Messi's illustrious career, focusing on his experiences with the Argentina national football team and his pursuit of a legacy-defining World Cup victory.

Filmed in various locations including Paris, Qatar, and Argentina, the series will delve into Messi's five FIFA World Cup appearances, culminating in his triumph at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which witnessed one of the most thrilling finals in history. Through intimate interviews and personal insights, Messi himself will narrate the story of his extraordinary journey, shedding light on his aspirations and the emotional significance of winning the World Cup.

In an interview conducted just days before the tournament began, Messi expressed his fervent desire to win the World Cup and conclude his career on the ultimate high note. He revealed, "It would be the ultimate experience to win a World Cup and to be able to close out my career in that way. I’ve daydreamed about it after many years of fighting for it. I made a million possibilities of what could happen…the first match, the round of 16, the quarterfinals, the semifinal and the final. I’m also going to live it as something special, because it’s the last one. To finish my last year winning a World Cup would be the dream ending." And within a matter of weeks, with record-breaking viewership worldwide, Messi solidified his status as a sporting legend by lifting the coveted World Cup trophy.

The highly anticipated documentary event boasts an impressive lineup of executive producers, including Tim Pastore, an Emmy Award winner known for his work on "Free Solo" and "Jane," as well as Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, and Matt Renner, all of whom are distinguished Emmy and Tony Award winners. Joining them are Jon Henion, known for "Welcome to Wrexham," and Juan Camilo Cruz, whose work includes "In Her Hands." This powerhouse team, working under the banner of SMUGGLER Entertainment, promises to deliver a truly remarkable and unforgettable viewing experience. The series is being produced for Apple by SMUGGLER Entertainment in association with Pegsa.

Throughout the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the filmmakers had unparalleled access to Messi, capturing his every move, emotion, and reaction. From the intensity of the training grounds in Qatar to the chaotic press junkets, and from the solitude of Messi's private room to the outpouring of support from his passionate fans in Argentina and those who made the pilgrimage to Qatar, the series will offer an intimate glimpse into the public and private worlds of this incomparable athlete. Alongside in-depth interviews with Messi himself, the documentary will feature conversations with his teammates, coaches, competitors, devout fans, and renowned commentators, all of whom can testify to the immense influence and impact Messi has had on his nation and the world. The series will showcase not only his remarkable skills on the field but also his grace, fortitude, and unwavering determination throughout his career.

The docuseries will follow the dramatic trajectory of Messi's journey with the Argentina national football team, starting from his first match where he received a red card within the first minute. It will explore the burden he carried as he strived to bring World Cup glory to his country, leading to his early retirement in 2016. However, the story does not end there, as Messi made a triumphant comeback, ultimately fulfilling his dream of becoming a FIFA World Cup champion and earning the accolade of the tournament's best player in 2022.


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