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Aaron Ramsdale Donates £1,000 to Support Former Teammate

Aaron Ramsdale Donates £1,000 to Support Former Teammate JW7Today
Aaron Ramsdale Donates £1,000 to Support Former Teammate

In heartwarming news, Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has stepped up to help former team-mate Connor Dimaio. Dimaio suffered a severe injury during Matlock Town's recent game with Ashton United and requires knee reconstruction surgery.

The Gladiators have been trying to raise £6,000 to cover the cost of the surgery and support Dimaio during his recovery. The club had set up a JustGiving page to raise £6,000 for the operation, and thanks to Ramsdale, they hit the target on Monday.

But Ramsdale, who played alongside Dimaio at Sheffield United and Chesterfield, has donated a generous £1,000 to help the club meet its target. In his message along with the donation, Ramsdale called Dimaio a “legend mate” and said he deserved the chance.

Ramsdale and Dimaio's Connection

Dimaio played at the non-league level since Chesterfield's relegation nearly five years ago.

Ramsdale and Dimaio were reunited when the goalkeeper joined Chesterfield on loan in January 2018. Ramsdale went on to establish himself as Arsenal's first-choice goalkeeper. Meanwhile, Dimaio continued to play at a non-league level since his loan spell at Chesterfield.

Aside from this, Dimaio represented Ireland at the Under-21 level four times and played alongside the likes of Callum O’Dowda, Alan Browne, Josh Cullen, Ryan Manning, and Declan Rice.

When Ramsdale made his donation, club Matlock tweeted their gratitude to the player, calling his donation an “incredible” gesture.

The news has also brought relief to everyone involved. Matlock manager Martin Carruthers expressed his gratitude to Ramsdale, saying that the donation would help ensure Dimaio gets the best medical treatment and can return to the Gladiators fitter and stronger than before.

The Injury

Dimaoi sustained his knee injury during a match with non-league side Matlock Town last month.

The injury to his anterior cruciate ligament and his medial and lateral ligaments requires surgery to keep his prospects of playing again alive. With a backlog in the NHS, a private operation is Dimaio’s only hope of getting treated within the required timeframe.

Dimaio’s injury is a lengthy one, and he will be looking at 10-12 months of rehabilitation post-surgery. The PFA will help cover some of the surgery costs, but the additional funds raised will be used to support his family and cover other expenses during his recovery period.

However, even with the support, Dimaio is already expected to suffer a significant loss of earnings due to the injury and has recently welcomed his second child.

The football community has rallied around Dimaio, with Matlock Town manager Martin Carruthers saying, "We have to look after our own and ensure he gets the best medical treatment as he will be a valuable asset for us."

Dimaio is a promising young player and a valuable asset for Matlock Town. His full recovery will be a significant boost for the club, and everyone is eager to see him back on the field soon.

The team is confident that with the help and support of his fans, friends, and former teammates like Ramsdale, Dimaio will make a full recovery and return stronger and better than ever.

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