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8 Cricket Players and Their Lucky Charms

8 Cricket Players and Their Lucky Charms JW7Today
8 Cricket Players and Their Lucky Charms

Playing cricket or any other sport takes more than skill. Sometimes, it can take a bit of luck for a game to end up with completely unexpected results. Because of this, there are many teams and players with different superstitions and charms for luck. Some players may have a lucky bat, gloves, or even a lucky handkerchief. For others, their lucky charm might be related to a person, such as a loved one or a guru.

Whether it's a superstition or simply a source of comfort, these lucky charms hold a special place in the hearts of the players, giving them a sense of confidence and positivity during their matches. It's interesting to see how these small rituals become part of their journey and add an extra element of excitement to the game. The following are just a few cricket players and their lucky charms:

Rohit Sharma

It's been said that he has three adorable lucky charms. Firstly, he likes to have a cup of coffee before heading out to the field. Secondly, he believes his wife brings him good luck, so he gives her a call before every match. And lastly, he has a little ritual of stepping onto the field with his right leg first. These are his special ways of adding some extra positive vibes to his game!

Shubman Gill

During a chat in IPL 2022, Shubman Gill once shared that he believed he would score more runs if he used his teammate Gurkeerat Maan's bat. It was an interesting insight into his thoughts and preferences when it came to his cricket equipment. It just goes to show that every player has their own little tricks and beliefs to enhance their performance on the field!

R. Ashwin

R Ashwin had a special bag that he considered lucky not just for himself but also for the entire Indian team. During the 2011 World Cup, even though he only played two games, he made sure to carry it for all the matches that India ended up winning. It became a symbol of good fortune for him and the team!

Virat Kohli

In the past, the Indian test team captain would wear the same gloves that helped him score runs. But now, Virat Kohli has switched to a more comfortable pair. However, he still wears a black wristband and a religious thread, and he considers his kada, which he has worn since 2012, as his luckiest charm.

Interestingly, things have changed, and nobody knows where his old pair of gloves is right now!

Suryakumar Yadav

In an interview, he shared that he doesn't consider himself superstitious, but his mother certainly is. He fondly mentioned how she would always ask which color would suit him, and based on that, the colors of his car would change, and even the color of his watch would change too. While she doesn't get involved in his cricket, she tries to bring positive energy into his life through her prayers and rituals. It's sweet how his mother cares for him in her own special way!

Virender Sehwag

The humble handkerchief worked its magic for the former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag as well, but his lucky charm was a red one. Initially, he used to wear a jersey with the number 44, but after facing a rough patch, he sought advice from a numerologist. Following their suggestion, he switched to wearing a numberless jersey for some time. It's fascinating how athletes find their own unique ways to bring luck and positivity into their game!

Sachin Tendulkar

The Little Master had a special bat that was believed to bring him luck. Before the 2011 World Cup, which was his dream win, he got this bat repaired to ensure it was in perfect condition. Another interesting superstition of his is that he always puts on his left pad before the right one, as he believes it brings him luck. It's amazing how these little rituals and beliefs can make a big difference to a player!

Saurav Ganguly

The former captain and left-handed batsman, Saurav Ganguly, had some interesting rituals. On the day of his game, he would avoid shaving, believing it brought him good luck. Additionally, he always carried a photo of his guru in his pocket, as a source of inspiration and positive energy. These little habits were part of Ganguly's unique way of preparing for his matches. It's fascinating how athletes have their own special routines and beliefs to help them perform their best on the field!


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