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5 Most Famous Footballer Friendships

5 Most Famous Footballer Friendships JW7Today
5 Most Famous Footballer Friendships

Relationships among athletes have always been a point of interest among fans. Whether it be rivalries, romances, or friendships, there are plenty of reports covering the topic. Over the years, several footballers have made the headlines for wholesome friendships and a variety of moments caught between them. From moments on the field to interactions on social media, there’s a variety of bromances that went viral. While there are developing friendships between certain footballers, there are some friendships that are more famous than others. These are just a few examples of the most famous football friendships:

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez

Lionel Messi is famous for many things, especially his achievements in recent years. Before joining Argentina, one of the things Messi was famous for was his friendship with Luis Suarez. Suarez is an Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a striker and previously played together with Messi in the Barcelona football club.

The duo was known for their partnership and often made headlines with their friendship. When Suarez was deemed surplus to requirements by Barcelona and ended up leaving the club in 2000, he was joined by an emotional Leo Messi, who slammed the club's treatment of his pal in the past.

After leaving Barcelona, Suarez played for Atletico Madrid before moving to the Nacional football club in 2022. Messi, meanwhile, signed a contract with PSG in 2022.

Even with everything going on with their respective teams, the pair remain close friends. It’s also reported that their wives are close, and the players often catch up for meals and dinners.

The last time the two made headlines were after Messi won the World Cup. It was reported that the duo spent the holidays together with their families.

Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford

Plenty of footballers have known each other for years, and one such pair is Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford. Jesse Lingard once said he saw Marcus Rashford as a little brother in the United squad. The duo joined the United academy as 7-year-olds and rose the ranks together. Over the years, the pair has made plenty of headlines and often caught bonding in different ways, from quirky handshakes to holiday snaps.

According to one interview, their friendship stemmed from when Lingard defended Rashford during a feisty Manchester derby in 2016.

"He got into a little bit of beef, and I had to be there for him, and from then, it's carried on, and I'll always be there for him no matter what," Lingard said.

After Jesse Lingard shared a controversial tour of their Miami apartment during their vacation, he faced repercussions. However, Marcus Rashford openly defended his closest friend, and their relationship has grown stronger since.

Mason Mount and Declan Rice

Another pair that had a connection that started from their youth was Mason Mount and Declan Rice. The pair began their friendship at Chelsea's academy, at the age of seven. During their childhood, the duo's families often holidayed together and traveled Europe, watching the boys play for the Blues.

Even when Chelsea decided to release Rice at 14, the pair continued to have a close bond. In 2022, the two midfielders were able to team up again while playing for their country after being selected by Gareth Southgate.

Like many football friendships, the duo often have antics shared on social media. One incident that made the headlines was when the pair managed to go viral on social media when a clip of Mount scaring his England colleague did the rounds.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo

Ronaldo is one of the biggest names in the soccer community. Among the things he is famous for, his friendship with Marcelo (Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior) is well known. Marcelo is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a left-back.

The duo met at an international fixture between Brazil and Portugal in 2008. However, they had an altercation. It was when they became teammates in the Real Madrid football club that the two became inseparable on and off the pitch. They were teammates at Madrid for nine successful years and won four Champions League titles together

According to one interview, Ronaldo described Marcelo as being like a brother. Reportedly, Ronaldo and Marcelo's respective families were also quite close. While at Juventus, Ronaldo spoke in an interview about missing Marcelo, stating:

"Marcelo is very happy here [at Real Madrid]. I got on very well with him and we speak a lot, the same with Casemiro, with Pepe, with Coentrao. I got along well with everyone, but Marcelo is lively and I miss him."

Sead Kolasinac and Mesut Ozil

Some footballers have closer bonds than others. One example of this is Sead Kolasinac and Mesut Ozil. When Kolasinac arrived at Arsenal in 2017, Ozil vowed to take him under his wing. The two have been friends since then. The pair's bond grew even stronger in 2019 when Kolasinac leaped from Ozil's car to defend the man from knife-wielding thugs.

When the pair married their respective partners in 2019, they attended each other’s weddings. According to reports, the duo had lost a bet at the time and opted to dye their hair blonde. While the duo has not made as many headlines compared to other football friendships, they are often seen cheering each other whether on social media or bonding somewhere.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette

Plenty of players easily form a bond with one another and one such pair is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette. When the pair joined Arsenal and met in January 2018, they instantly hit it off. In one interview, Aubameyang said the meeting was something out of a “bromance novel.”

"It was love at first sight! The day I arrived, he came straight up to me and said, 'I hope we'll play together.' I said, 'I hope so too.' I knew we could form a really good partnership and help each other score goals,” the player stated.

Initially, there was some speculation about the two’s friendship and whether there was foul play, but those quickly died down. In the time that the duo played together, they scored 50 goals each other and became known as brilliant strike partners.


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