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  • Nasima Akter

5 Funniest Goal Celebrations

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In an exciting game, a great goal is celebrated by everyone. In football history, there are plenty of goal celebrations that made different players stand out. Some even end up copied by other players and fans. However, there are some celebrations that certain players come up with that don't turn out great.

There are a few goal celebrations that have left people laughing at how funny it looks. From silly dances to impromptu skits, these funny goal celebrations add an extra dose of fun to the game. Goal celebrations are the perfect opportunity for soccer players to unleash their creativity and entertain the crowd with some hilarious antics. The following are just some of the funniest goal celebrations captured over the years:

Cody McDonald' Flappy Bird

Picture this: It's a thrilling match between Gillingham and Carlisle. Cody McDonald, the talented striker, works his magic and scores a fantastic goal, leaving the goalkeeper stunned. But here's the best part: After finding the back of the net, Cody unleashes a celebration that will put a smile on your face.

As if he were in sync with the catchy Birdy Song playing in the background, he pays homage to the wildly popular mobile game, Flappy Bird. With finesse and style, Cody flaps his arms like a computerized bird, capturing the essence of the game before playfully diving onto the ground. It's a moment of pure joy that adds an extra dash of excitement to an already electrifying match. Bwoaark!

Jimmy Bullard's Finger Wag

Let's talk about Jimmy Bullard, the Soccer AM host who was known for his humor even before retiring from professional soccer. But it was his most famous celebration that truly sealed his reputation as a funny guy. It happened back in 2009 when Bullard scored the equalizing goal for Hull City against Manchester City. Instead of the usual wild celebrations, he gathered his teammates in a circle around him and wagged his finger playfully.

This celebration was a direct response to his manager Phil Brown's infamous reaction the previous season when their team conceded four goals in the same fixture. Bullard shared that Brown took the celebration in good humor, as it was all meant to be lighthearted banter. They had agreed that whoever scored an equalizer or winning goal would be the one to do the pointing. Bullard playfully suggested that his teammate Paul McShane might face some playful teasing for it. It's moments like these that remind us that soccer can be fun and full of camaraderie, even amidst the fierce competition.

Stjarnan Goes Fishing

Let me tell you about Stjarnan, the Icelandic football team that captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their incredible goal celebrations. Back in 2010, their innovative routines took social media by storm, making them everyone's favorite team. From mimicking sniper rifles to dancing up a storm and even simulating childbirth, Stjarnan's celebrations were a sight to behold. However, their manager eventually had to step in and ban these over-the-top antics.

Among their many memorable moments, one celebration stands out: 'The Salmon.' It involved midfielder Haldor Orri Bjornsson reeling in his teammate Johann Laxdal like a fish caught on a hook. When asked about the inspiration behind it, Bjornsson shared that the idea came to him during a fishing trip with his father, where he had plenty of time to think while waiting for a bite. Stjarnan's creativity and humor brought joy to the game and left a lasting impression on fans around the world.

Gazza’s ‘Dentist Chair’

In the summer of Euro 96, something unexpected happened during England's visit to Hong Kong that would later prove to have a positive impact. Pictures surfaced of the players, including the legendary Paul Gascoigne, taking turns in a dentist chair while alcohol was poured into their mouths. While this incident caused quite a stir, it didn't dampen England's spirits.

In fact, their performance in the tournament was awe-inspiring, capturing the hearts of fans. Terry Venables' team made it all the way to the semi-finals, only to be eliminated by Germany on penalties. Amidst this memorable journey, one moment stands out: Gazza's 'dentist chair' celebration. After scoring in a resounding 2-0 victory against Scotland, Gascoigne treated the Wembley crowd to an iconic and unforgettable celebration.

Mario Djurovski and His Shorts Crown

Prepare for an outrageous and unforgettable celebration! Picture this: Mario Djurovski, the talented midfielder of Muang Thong United, scores a crucial winning goal. But instead of conventional jubilation, he surprises everyone by taking off his shorts and hilariously placing them on his head. With nothing more than his briefs, he parades around the field, much to the crowd's delight.

However, the referee fails to see the funny side of Mario's eccentric celebration and swiftly gives him a second yellow card, resulting in his dismissal from the game. Nonetheless, Gjurovski's goal proves to be the deciding factor as Muang Thong United holds on with only 10 players and secures a thrilling 2-1 victory over TOT Sport in the Thai Super League. It's a moment that will be forever etched in the memories of both fans and players alike.

These are just a few of the funnier celebrations that stood out over the years. If you are a fan of celebration fails and missed hugs, there's plenty of videos to laugh at.


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