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  • Nasima Akter

5 Football Players Who did Rap

5 Football Players Who did Rap

Many footballers have shown talent outside of the field and oftentimes, they involve the arts. One talent that many football players have shown is singing. A few players even have some songs they released. However, do you know that among these musically talented players, there are those that rap? Their smooth flows and clever lyrics add an exciting touch to their already impressive talents.

While rap is not everyone's favorite brand of music, these players show that they can go beyond their skills on the field. The following are just a few notable players that have managed to release a rap song:

Alphonso Davies

In a surprising turn of events, Alphonso Davies, the talented soccer player, ventured into the world of music alongside STUGANG in 2022. Their collaboration resulted in a track titled 'Nur Weil' (meaning 'Only Because'), but unfortunately, the accompanying video didn't gain much traction online. Disappointed fans took to social media to suggest that Davies should stick to his day job.

Despite the initial setback, speculation lingers about whether Davies and his fellow musicians will regroup and make a comeback with another track, following the trend set by many other celebrities. Only time will tell if this dynamic group can turn the tables and captivate their audience with their musical endeavors.

Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay stands out from the crowd of footballers on this list by actually showcasing his rapping skills on multiple tracks in recent years. The Dutch forward has even established his own profile on Spotify. However, his songs haven't exactly set the music industry on fire. Perhaps his most well-known tune is the 2018 release, "5 Milli Freestyle," which gained attention for a clever line referencing Lionel Messi.

Ironically, Depay's aspirations of teaming up with the Argentine star materialized years later when he signed for Barcelona. Unfortunately, Messi's unexpected departure from the club due to financial issues left Depay devastated. Who knows, maybe one day he'll channel his emotions into a song about that turbulent experience.

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland, renowned for his skills on the soccer field, has also dabbled in the world of music, surprising many. At the age of 16, Haaland joined forces with his former Norway U19 teammates, Erik Botheim and Erik Tobias Sandberg, to release a rap video on their YouTube channel. Calling themselves Flow Kingz, the trio attempted to showcase their lyrical talents, but the outcome was less than impressive.

Haaland, realizing where his true strengths lie, decided to stick with football. In an interview with FourFourTwo via Fotmob, he admitted, "We had a long day and nothing to do, and then we decided to make a rap video. I think I'm much better at football, but my rap skills? They're not that bad." Although his rap career may not have taken off, Haaland continues to captivate fans with his remarkable skills on the pitch.

Andy Cole

Andy Cole, the former Manchester United, and Newcastle striker, may have terrorized Premier League defenses throughout his career, but his venture into the music industry left much to be desired. In 1999, Cole collaborated with Pied Piper to release a single titled 'Outstanding,' which turned out to be anything but.

The R&B track failed to resonate with listeners, and Cole's attempt to incorporate his United affiliation into a show-stopping verse fell flat. With lyrics like "United forever, whatever the weather, less than 100%, never," the song struggled to gain traction in Manchester or anywhere else. It seems that Cole's talents truly thrived on the football pitch rather than in the realm of music.

Asamoah Gyan

Aside from his notable time in the Premier League with Sunderland, Asamoah Gyan has also made a name for himself in the world of rap. The 36-year-old Ghanaian footballer first revealed his musical talents in 2012 with the release of "Africa Girls," a collaboration featuring Castro and Kofi Kinaata.

Since then, Gyan has continued to showcase his rap skills by featuring on multiple tracks with various artists. He often shares snippets of his lyrical prowess on his social media accounts. While he is still going strong as Ghana's all-time leading goalscorer, it's clear that Gyan could potentially pursue a viable music career when he eventually hangs up his boots.


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