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  • Shamser Khalid

5 Cricket Players and Their Unexpected Hobbies

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Cricket players share all kinds of things when they are off the field. Because of their social media posts and the different reports shared by the news, fans knew plenty of facts about several players. While there are still some unexpected points to learn about cricket players.

One of the things some fans will find surprising about some players is the hobbies they have outside the field. Many players often have talents outside of their sport. Other times, they do activities that comes as a surprise to some fans. These are just a few cricket players with unexpected hobbies:

Dale Steyn - Photography

Dale Steyn, the renowned South African cricketer known for his lightning-fast pace on the field, has a deep appreciation for the great outdoors that extends beyond the cricket pitch. Steyn's love for nature knows no bounds, as he indulges in thrilling activities like surfing and skydiving. However, it is his passion for capturing the beauty of the natural world that truly sets him apart.

Inspired by his travels and love for exploration, Steyn has embraced photography as a means to preserve the breathtaking moments he encounters.

In his quest to master this art form, he dedicated an entire year to studying photography, further honing his skills and understanding of the craft. Dale Steyn's journey into photography showcases his insatiable thirst for adventure and his unwavering desire to immortalize the wonders of the world through the lens of his camera.

Sachin Tendulkar - Table Tennis

Sachin Tendulkar, the iconic Master Blaster of Indian cricket, showcased his legendary batting skills every time he graced the field. But what does he do when he's not on the cricket pitch? Surprisingly, he finds solace in another game - table tennis. Yes, you heard it right! The Little Master can spend hours engrossed in intense table tennis matches. He has openly expressed his fondness for the sport, even reminiscing about his childhood days when he would grow taller while playing this indoor game.

Besides table tennis, Tendulkar also has a passion for music, often indulging in his favorite tunes. And when it comes to food, his taste buds have a global appetite, as he savors different cuisines from around the world. It seems that Tendulkar's talents extend far beyond the cricket pitch, making him a truly multifaceted icon with a refined taste for life's pleasures.

Matthew Hayden - Gardening

Matthew Hayden, the legendary Australian cricket player, has found a surprising passion in retirement: gardening. This former opening batsman, known for his powerful strokes on the pitch, has now discovered his green thumb. At 44 years old, Hayden happily spends his days tending to his garden, cultivating organic vegetables that he later uses in his own cooking.

It's a remarkable way to stay connected to nature and ensure the quality of his produce. With his love for food and culinary skills, Hayden has even authored two best-selling cookbooks, sharing his recipes and experiences from the garden.

Sir Alastair Cook - Farming

Former England player Sir Alastair Cook has a surprising passion that takes him away from the cricket pitch and into the peaceful countryside: farming. Yes, you read that right! Cook, who currently represents Essex County Cricket Club and holds numerous international cricket records, finds solace in tending to his own farm.

When he's not hitting sixes and scoring centuries, he can be found working the land and caring for animals. It's a remarkable contrast to his intense career in cricket, showcasing a different side to this sporting icon. Sir Alastair Cook proves that even after achieving great heights in one field, there's always room for a humble connection to nature and the simpler pleasures in life.

Suresh Raina - Singing

Suresh Raina, the former Indian cricket sensation renowned for his extraordinary fielding skills, possesses a range of talents that extend beyond the cricket pitch. While he has captivated millions of fans with his cricketing prowess, Raina's hidden talent lies in his melodious singing voice.

In a surprising turn of events, he even lent his vocals to a song featured in the blockbuster Bollywood film 'Meeruthiya Gangsters.' Although cricket remains Raina's ultimate passion, singing holds a special place in his heart as a beloved hobby that he enjoys away from the game. Raina's multifaceted nature serves as a reminder that cricket players, regardless of their team or individual talents, often find joy and fulfillment in a diverse array of hobbies alongside their adored bat and ball game.


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