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  • Shamser Khalid

10 Footballers and their Unexpected Hobbies

Everybody has their hobbies, and soccer players are no different. Several players are not shy in sharing their personal lives, and fans can learn plenty about their favorite footballers from the news and social media. While there is plenty to know about different players, there are still some things that can surprise football fans.

One thing some fans may not expect from certain players is the hobbies they have off the field. Knowing the hobbies of different players may not seem like the biggest thing to learn about a football player, but they can be a fun fact about them. Here are a few footballers with unexpected hobbies to learn about:

Joe Allen - Caring for Chickens

Joe Allen may be known as the Welsh Xavi or the Pembrokeshire Pirlo, but there's something else he's crazy about besides football - chickens! Despite his successful career and World Cup aspirations, Allen has a soft spot for hens and even has his own chicken coop at home. He and his wife rescue hens that are no longer being used for commercial purposes and give them a new home. Allen's love for chickens even got him featured in Chicken and Egg magazine. Growing up in Narberth, Allen's concerns for animal welfare and wildlife go way back to his childhood.

Axel Tuanzebe - Hungry Hippos

Axel Tuanzebe is one footballer with one of the more surprising hobbies on this list. He plays Hungry Hippos. During Manchester United's pre-season trip to the USA in July 2018, Tuanzebe became a world record holder by achieving the fastest time to clear a game of Hungry Hippos. His record time was 17.36 seconds, beating his fellow teammates and earning him recognition from Guinness World Records. It may not be a typical hobby for a footballer, but Tuanzebe's passion for playing games helped him achieve a unique accomplishment.

Theo Walcott - Writing

English professional football player Theo Walcott is also a children's author! He has written four books about a boy named TJ who loves football, just like he does. Kids and parents love his books because they are full of exciting football action. Since Walcott knows a lot about football, his stories feel real and are great for young fans of the sport.

Ronaldo - Bingo

Back in 2008, Christiano Ronaldo, the famous Portuguese footballer, shared with a newspaper in his home country that he loves playing bingo. He finds it thrilling because sometimes you have to wait for a long time for just one number to win the game.

It all started when he got a bingo DVD as a Christmas gift in the early 2000s. Later, when he joined Manchester United, he thought playing bingo and similar games would be a great way to improve his English skills. You can find these kinds of games online if you want to give them a try!

Neymar Jr - Poker

Neymar Jr loves playing poker and he's good at it. He is not as famous in poker as Gerard Pique, but he is still very involved in playing poker and is even an ambassador for a poker company called PokerStars. He also organizes charity poker games to raise money for his charity, the Neymar Jr Institute.

Former Football Players

David Beckham - Fencing

Football Legend David Beckham has tried his hand at many things since he stopped playing. He's been in movies, started a successful fashion brand, done charity work, and lived a glamorous Hollywood life. But, one thing he loves to do to relax and hang out with friends is fencing! He even gets together with other famous actors like Will Smith and Tom Cruise for some sword-fighting fun.

Moritz Volz - Baking

Moritz Volz, a German sports star, has a special way of relaxing before a big game. He loves to bake cakes! In his blog, he even shared that he chooses the type of cake based on the team he's playing against. For example, when he played against big clubs like Arsenal or Manchester United, he made a biscuit-based cake with bananas and green tea.

But when he played against tougher teams like Blackburn Rovers, he made a heavier carrot cake with nuts. Maybe it's a way for him to mentally prepare to beat his opponents on the field, but nobody knows for sure.

Daniel Agger - Tattoing

Daniel Agger is a famous football player who's known for his incredible skills on the field and also for something a bit unusual - his tattoos! He has tattoos all over his body, from his head to his toes. But did you know that he's not just a fan of tattoos, but he's also really good at giving them? Since retiring from football, he's started a website where people can share their tattoos and get inspiration for new designs.

Petr Cech – Drummer

Did you know that former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, is a talented drummer? Yes, you read it right! Since he started playing in 2010, Cech has immersed himself in this hobby and now plays whenever he gets the chance - be it at home or concerts. You can even check out his drumming skills on his YouTube channel where he shares videos of himself playing. It's amazing to see that even outside of football, this athlete has an exceptional talent to showcase.

Andrea Pirlo - Winemaking

Andrea Pirlo, the Italian football legend, has a passion that goes beyond the football field. Pirlo is a proud winemaker who owns his own vineyard in Lombardy, Italy. He spends his free time indulging in his love for winemaking, a very typical Italian pastime. Pirlo enjoys the laid-back Italian countryside and combines his passion for football with his passion for winemaking.


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